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Our mission is to help you harness AI technology to fortify your physical security, fostering a secure and safe environment and improving everyday life

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Compatible With Any IP Camera
Hikvision camerasAmcrest camerasSyscom camerasDahua camerasPanasonic camerasBosch cameras
Sony camerasSannce camerasWinic camerasVivotek camerasUniview camerasAxis cameras
DeepGuard mobile app screenshot
Access Anywhere

Get instant notifications and access to any incident in real-time at anywhere.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Extensive access to your AI security system, including video walls, advance reporting and more.

DeepGuard web and desktop dashboard screenshot

AI for Security, Safety and Business Intelligence.

Connect your camera to enable accurate and real-time AI driven security

Intrusion Detection

Detect intrusion of persons, vehicles or animals, eliminate false alarms and get real-time alerts.

Intrusion detection and perimeter security
Video SearchGPT

A video search engine that understands the context, behaviors and patterns in your camera footage.

Video SearchGPT example fedex van
Fire & Smoke Detection

AI powered detection of fire and smoke, ideal for both outdoor and indoor scenarios with transcending 99% accuracy.

Fire and Smoke detection
License Plate Recognition

Accurate and real time license plate recognition, performs well even in low resolution, blurry and steep angled views.

License plate recognition example
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Why DeepGuard?

Proactive round the clock protection

Proactive Protection

Prevent losses proactively in real-time

Eliminate False Alarms
Eliminate False Alarms!

False alarms rate (FAR) less than 0.2%

High Accuracy
Access Anywhere

Easily access live feed and recording

Seamless Integration

API and VMS integrations

Flexible Subscriptions

Pay only for the features you need

Active AI model training
Active Learning

AI automatically learning and improving

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use DeepGuard?

Simply connect DeepGuard’s AI node to your IP cameras network, or install our virtual cloud connector software on any PC. Next, configure DeepGuard to access your cameras. DeepGuard AI will then analyze the footage and alert you to any suspicious activities or hazards.

What threats can DeepGuard detect ?

DeepGuard can detect a wide array of incidents & threats:
• Perimeter intrusion detection.
• Smoke & Fire detection.
• License plates (blacklist/whitelist functions available).
• Unconstrained video Search.
• Anomaly and hazards detection (weapons, fights, etc..).

What is the pricing model of DeepGuard?

Explore our range of customizable subscription plans designed to fit your requirements, only pay for the features that matter to you.

Can DeepGuard be used with any camera?

Yes, DeepGuard can be used for any IP camera up to 5MP resolution, supported codecs are M-JPEG, H264 and H265.

How many cameras can I use with DeepGuard?

You can connect as many cameras as you need, from one camera and up to hundreds of cameras per site.

Is data securely handled at rest and in transit?

Video data is stored on-site by default & encrypted at rest. Cloud data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Playback is performed over end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer connection. Most recent Cipher suites and TLS protocols are used for optimal security.

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