Navigate the daily challenges of healthcare facilities with confidence, as we introduce a transformative era of safety and stability. Whether it’s for patients or the dedicated staff, our AI surveillance is tailored to create a secure environment. Maintaining a highly secure setting is paramount to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free hospitalization process. Embrace a seamless solution that not only addresses daily challenges but also contributes to the overall well-being of patients and staff. Experience the future of healthcare security, where safety and efficiency harmoniously coexist.

What can DeepGuard do for your Healthcare

Secured and safe environment

Face Recognition
identifying persons entering Healthcare facilities.

Intrusion Detection
Detecting unusual behaviors or individuals entering restricted areas.

Object Detection
Detecting suspicious objects and weapons.

Video Search

• Search videos by description.
• Narrow results with date/time.
• See exact video results.
• Easily download and share videos.

Accidents Detection

• Immediate detection of slip/fall of patients with an immediate alert to concerned persons for fast responses.

• Smoke/fire detection with an immediate alarm.

Access Control

Because Healthcare facilities are highly contagious, we provide a touchless access control system across the whole facility.

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