Monitoring centers

Empower your monitoring centers with swift and precise incident responses. Elevate the efficiency of your operations by incorporating the invaluable support of AI surveillance—a reliable partner in ensuring optimal incident management. In the pursuit of perfection, a second set of intelligent eyes becomes essential, and our AI surveillance technology stands ready to be the ideal companion in these critical scenarios. Enhance the speed and effectiveness of your response mechanisms with the seamless integration of advanced monitoring solutions.

What can DeepGuard do for monitoring centers

Almost zero false alarms

False alarms are affected by many factors, such as weather and lighting conditions, with DeepGuard we do our best to exclude these factors and give real alarms to ensure the right action is taken.

Video Search

• Search videos by description
• Narrow results with date/time
• See exact video results
• Easily download and share videos

Reduce average response time

Optimize response time through real-time monitoring with instant alerts.

Improve operators efficiency

Operator doesn’t receive many alarms that include false ones, therefore staff morale is increased.

Incident Investigation

AI analytics enable operators to quickly retrieve and review relevant footage during incident investigations.

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