Oil and gas

Unlock the full potential of your Oil & Gas operations with our cutting-edge AI camera surveillance solutions. Safeguard your assets and streamline operations by leveraging advanced technology. Our surveillance system enhances safety, security, and operational efficiency throughout the entire oil and gas value chain, from exploration and production to refining. Experience unparalleled peace of mind while maximizing productivity with our tailored solutions. Elevate your industry standards with the power of intelligent monitoring.

What can DeepGuard do for Oil and Gas

Facility Security

• AI cameras monitor and analyze the perimeter of oil and gas facilities, detecting unauthorized access, intruders, or suspicious activities.

• Facial recognition technology enhances access control, ensuring only authorized personnel enter critical areas.

Fire and Hazard Detection

• AI surveillance systems equipped with thermal imaging can detect abnormal heat patterns, helping identify potential fire hazards before they escalate.

• Slip/Fall accidents detection.

Video Search

• Search videos by description.
• Narrow results with date/time.
• See exact video results.
• Easily download and share videos.

Asset Protection

• Surveillance cameras equipped with AI can identify and alert operators to potential theft, vandalism, or unauthorized use of equipment and assets.

• Automated alerts trigger rapid response measures to protect valuable resources.

Safety Compliance

• AI cameras ensure compliance with safety protocols by monitoring workers for adherence to safety procedures and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

• Automated alerts can be triggered for non-compliance, enhancing overall safety on-site.

Incident Investigation

AI analytics enable operators to quickly retrieve and review relevant footage during incident investigations.

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