Power plants (solar)

Ensuring the optimal performance of your power plants is vital for maximizing daily productivity. AI surveillance emerges as a key player in achieving this goal, offering contributions to increased energy production, streamlined maintenance practices, and heightened security. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe environment throughout the entire facility. Experience the transformative impact of AI surveillance on your power plants, where efficiency, security, and safety converge to elevate the overall operational excellence of your facility.

What can DeepGuard do for power plants (solar)

Security and theft protection

Intrusion detection
Simply identify and alarm farmers about intruders or unauthorized individuals on the farm.

Equipment protection
Monitor farm equipment and storage areas, helping to prevent theft and unauthorized use, as well as detecting and alerting about potential thefts in real time.

Loitering detection
Locate and identify persons loitering outside your farm.

Face Recognition
Identifying persons can be beneficial, whether you’re looking for theft incidents, or want to enhance overall security.

Personnel Safety

• AI cameras can be used to monitor the working environment for adherence to safety protocols, ensuring that personnel are wearing appropriate protective gear.

• Real-time monitoring can help identify and address unsafe practices or situations, contributing to a safer workplace.

Fire and Hazard Detection

AI surveillance systems equipped with thermal imaging can detect abnormal heat patterns, helping identify potential fire hazards before they escalate.

Access Control

AI surveillance can be integrated with access control systems to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering specific area with the use of facial recognition.

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