Retail is all about a safe environment for both clients and employees, when a safe environment is created successfully, you ensure gaining the maximum benefits from your shop. Retailers can view cameras from anywhere, view alarms as well, to let you worry less about camera protection and go further in your business.

What can DeepGuard do for Retail

Loss Prevention

• Identifying unusual behaviors, helping detect potential thefts or fraudulent activities in realtime.

• Recognizing objects, we can recognize items and track their movements by simply searching your items description in videos.

Secured and safe environments

Face Recognition
Identifying persons can be beneficial, whether you’re looking for theft incidents, or want to enhance overall security.

Intrusion detection
Detecting unusual behaviors or individuals entering restricted areas.

Video Search

• Easily view the recorded feed of the cameras and choose exactly what you want to see.
• Narrow results with date/time.
• See exact video results.
• Easily download and share videos.

Access Control

Providing security access inside the retail store is important for employees to make sure who can go where, protecting unauthorized zones.

Accidents Detection

• Fire/smoke detection with an immediate alarm.

• Slip/fall incidents with an immediate alarm.

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