Warehouse and manufacturing

Embark on a journey into the future, where seamless efficiency and unparalleled security converge through AI surveillance specifically designed for warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Ensure the continuous safety of your establishment while redirecting your focus towards core processes. AI surveillance becomes a catalyst for fostering operational excellence, enhancing workplace safety through real-time monitoring, and fortifying defenses against unauthorized access. Elevate your facility’s standards with cutting-edge technology that not only safeguards but also propels your operations towards heightened efficiency and security.

What can DeepGuard do for warehouse and manufacturing

Loss Prevention

• Identifying unusual behaviors, helping detect potential thefts or fraudulent activities in realtime.

• Recognizing objects, we can recognize items and track their movements by simply searching your items description in videos.

LPR (License Plate Recognition)

• Identify your vehicles and keep track of their schedules.

• Create a seamless access control for your vehicles to enter the facility with no fuss.

• Get to identify non-registered vehicles in your warehouse.

Accidents Detection

• fire/smoke detection with an immediate alarm.

• slip/fall incidents with an immediate alarm.

Access Control

Providing security access inside your warehouse is important for employees to make sure who can go where, protecting unauthorized zones.

Access Control

Face Recognition
identifying persons entering Healthcare facilities.

Intrusion Detection
Detecting unusual behaviors or individuals entering restricted areas.

Object Detection
Detecting suspicious objects and weapons.

Video Search

• Search videos by description.
• Narrow results with date/time.

• See exact video results.
• Easily download and share videos.

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