Transform your home into a sanctuary of privacy and security with DeepGuard, Where safeguarding your space is not just a necessity but a seamless experience. Our cutting-edge solutions empower you to effortlessly ensure the safety and privacy of your home, allowing you to monitor and protect it from anywhere, at any time.

What Can DeepGuard do for Residential

Intrusion Detection alerts

Instantly receive alerts whether by email or push notification through the Deepguard app.


Easily view the recorded feed of the cameras and choose exactly what you want to see.

Video Search

• Search videos by description.
• Narrow results with date/time.
• See exact video results.
• Easily download and share videos.

Face Recognition

Identifying persons can be beneficial, especially when you want to give access control to someone.

Suspicious activity

Whether someone is loitering, or an intruder is in your house, DeepGuard can detect both and alert you instantly.

Multi-User Permission

You can share access to the Deepguard app with your home-members or concerned persons.

License Plate Recognition

Easily keep track of vehicles around you as well as keeping their license plate number in the application.

Smoke/Fire Detection

Instant alerts for detected smoke or fire incidents.

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