How DeepGuard helps improve efficiency and cut down operating cost of your security team

Security teams play a vital role in keeping our communities and businesses safe. However, traditional methods can be limited by factors like fatigue and the sheer volume of monitoring required.

What if you could empower your security team to be more efficient and proactive, ultimately improving operations, reducing downtime, and increasing your return on investment (ROI)?
AI-powered surveillance offers a compelling solution, not as a replacement for your security team, but as a powerful partner to enhance their capabilities.

Optimizing Security Operations for Maximum Efficiency and ROI:

Reduced Monotony, Enhanced Focus: Staring at screens for hours can be mentally taxing.
A 2018 study by University College London (UCL) found that security guards monitoring screens for extended periods experienced decreased vigilance and increased fatigue.

AI excels at constant monitoring of video feeds, freeing security guards from the tedium of screen fatigue. This empowers them to shift their focus towards proactive patrolling, investigating real-time alerts generated by AI analysis, and strategically addressing security concerns. By minimizing human error, AI can help prevent security incidents that could lead to costly downtime. 

Intelligent Detection, Faster Response:  Human limitations can make it challenging to identify subtle anomalies in video footage.

AI-powered systems, however, can analyze video feeds for suspicious activity, such as unauthorized access attempts, unattended objects, or even unusual movement patterns. With AI highlighting potential threats, security teams can prioritize their actions and respond faster.

A 2020 report by International Journal of Security and Its Applications (IJNSA) details a pilot program using AI for video surveillance. The system successfully identified suspicious activity with high accuracy, reducing response times by an average of 2 minutes.

Faster response times translate to a higher chance of apprehending intruders or mitigating security breaches before they escalate, minimizing disruptions and potential financial losses.

24/7 Vigilance for Optimal Security Coverage:  Security guards are human, and they need breaks. 

But criminals don't take breaks.  AI-powered cameras provide 24/7 surveillance, offering a significant advantage for expansive areas or situations with limited guard presence during off-hours. Continuous monitoring helps deter criminal activity and ensures a more secure environment, reducing the risk of downtime and associated costs.

Automated Responses, Valuable Time Gained: In some cases, AI can trigger immediate automated responses to security breaches.

This could involve activating bright lights or sounding alarms, granting guards valuable extra time to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Examples of Security Incidents Prevented by AI Surveillance:

  1. Unauthorized Access:
    • Scenario: An individual attempts to enter a restricted area after-hours, unnoticed by a fatigued guard staring at screens. 
    • AI Impact: AI detects the anomaly and alerts the guard, allowing for a swift response before any damage or theft occurs.
  2. Tailgating:
    • Scenario: An unauthorized person follows a legitimate employee into a secure area. Human guards might miss this due to distractions or limitations in monitoring multiple screens. 
    • AI impact: AI would detect the unauthorized person following the employee and alert the security team. This allows for a swift response to prevent potential theft or damage.
  3. Shoplifting in Retail:
    • Scenario: A shoplifter attempts to conceal merchandise while a guard is focused on multiple screens. 
    • AI impact: AI identifies suspicious behavior and alerts the guard, enabling them to intervene and potentially prevent the theft.
  4. Fire or Smoke Detection:
    • Scenario: A fire starts in an unoccupied area, remaining undetected until it escalates. 
    • AI impact: AI can identify smoke, triggering alarms and alerting guards before the fire spreads, potentially saving lives, minimizing property damage, and preventing significant business disruption.

AI: A Strategic Partner for Enhanced Security and ROI:

AI automates routine tasks and delivers real-time security insights, allowing guards to focus on higher-level strategic security measures. Security guards' experience, judgment, and interpersonal skills remain irreplaceable, complementing AI's analytical prowess to create a robust security posture.

The Future of Security is Collaborative:

The field of AI security is constantly evolving.  While research on the specific impact of AI on security guard workflows is ongoing, the studies mentioned above highlight its potential to improve security operations and reduce downtime.  By embracing AI as a partner, you can empower your security team to become more efficient, proactive, and ultimately, even more effective in safeguarding your business.

March 8, 2024

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